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Passerelle and Equifax Partnership Makes Differentiated Data Easier to Use via Snowflake Data Marketplace

Passerelle is building on its commitment to leverage the Snowflake Data Marketplace to bring added value to Snowflake Data Cloud subscribers through a new collaboration with Equifax.

Benefits of the Snowflake Data Marketplace

With the Snowflake Data Marketplace, organizations can access third-party datasets, including Equifax data, with the click of a button, bypassing time-consuming ingestion and integration.

To help facilitate the adoption of third-party data, Passerelle is developing accelerators for predefined use cases, including views and advance analytics model that link third-party datasets with customer datasets and dashboards that slice and dice first party and third-party data to reveal actionable insights. The 3rd Party Data Accelerator will be available as part of Data Rocket, and as a stand-alone service.

Predefined Use Cases with 3rd Party Data

Now, Passerelle is working with Equifax to create ready-to-deploy use cases that enable customers to gain immediate value from the data and action on it faster. The use cases incorporate market-leading data only Equifax provides including household-level income, wealth, assets, property and credit usage as well as business firmographics and corporate hierarchy.

“Equifax offers unique consumer and business data that you simply cannot get from other data providers,” said Passerelle CEO, Pat Dionne. “Differentiated data from Equifax coupled with Passerelle’s expertise in accelerating data insights will enable customers to supercharge their internal data for better decision-making.”

3rd Party Data for Use Across Industries

These data-driven use cases will have immediate, positive impacts for organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. Regional banks and insurance companies can use Equifax data to understand market share, build Customer 360 initiatives and drive targeted marketing campaigns with verifiable ROI. Higher education institutions can gain visibility into household demographics and financial measures for better alumni fundraising and student recruitment initiatives. Healthcare organizations can enhance social determinants of health (SDoH) initiatives, inform strategies for patient care, and improve revenue cycle management.

For Equifax, the Snowflake Data Marketplace is an extension of its Equifax Cloud™ strategy, which aims to enable customers to more quickly and easily leverage its data to deliver smarter revenue and achieve better business outcomes. Passerelle will help with the execution and support of third-party data consumption and utilization, so customers can derive value on Day One.

Would you like to learn more about how third-party data can supercharge your decision-making? Contact Passerelle today to get started.

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