The Easiest Way to Create Customer Segments

GrowthLoop supercharges the marketing power of today’s modern data stacks by applying an activation layer to the data warehouse that feeds customer segments directly to sales, marketing and customer service tools. Unlike external Customer Data Platforms, GrowthLoop allows organizations to keep all data in a central data warehouse – improving data governance and security and facilitating easy measurement of marketing ROI.

With GrowthLoop, teams can create customer segments in a visual builder without using SQL, and activate them to external sales and marketing tools, including social advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok), Google Advertising, CRMs (Marketo, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics), email marketing platforms, and in-app outreach.

Organizations with GrowthLoop can drive revenue with targeted marketing initiatives – retargeting churned customers with Google Ads, reaching customers with low email open rates through other channels, reengaging lost champion customers with custom offers, and acquiring customers that look like your best customers with lookalike audiences.

Unified Customer View

With unified customer data from every channel in Snowflake, decision makers throughout an organization can get self-service customer profiles and segments. Data remains governed and secure in central data warehouse.

No Code Segmentation

No Code customer segment building from a central data warehouse frees data teams from pulling lists and maintaining customer pipelines. Instead, data teams can focus on ML modeling that answers business questions and brings value to the organization.

Supercharge Existing Marketing & Sales Tools

GrowthLoop integrates data warehouse with sales, marketing and outreach tools, so organizations can continue to build on successful programs and the adoption fatigue that comes with new technology platforms.

Improved Revenue Measurement

Make better sales, marketing and outreach decisions by measuring incremental lift across customer audiences.

Passerelle + GrowthLoop Offerings

Rocket for Marketing

GrowthLoop + Passerelle

GrowthLoop offers no code customer segmentation that is both easy to use and easy to integrate from the Snowflake Data Cloud. Passerelle helps organizations on the path to digital transformation with end-to-end product offerings, domain expertise and operational support. Provide marketing sales and marketing activation on a modern data stack, the Passerelle + GrowthLoop partnership delivers on the Passerelle motto – Data to Action.

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