Guide to the Modern Data Stack

What is a Modern Data Stack?

This Guide is for business users who are hoping to gain fundamental knowledge of the components of a Modern Data Stack, providing an overview of today's data tools and methodologies.

Learn why investing in a Modern Data Stack can enable the long-term success of your data estate transformation. Understand key concepts in data management, and read case studies of organizations that have undergone data estate modernization.

Topics include building a Data Governance Foundation, must-have features in technology investments, how to create transformation champions with use-case based deployment, and building a better technology roadmap.

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What's in Your Guide

Understanding Today's Data Tools

Components of a modern data stack include data integration tools, well-governed and accessible data storage, self-service analytics and data catalog. Learn how these components can work together to provide visibility to stakeholders throughout an organization.

Why Invest in a Modern Data Stack?

Learn about factors that are impacting data-driven organizations, including scalability and future-readiness. Learn how banishing legacy data management can save money in infrastructure costs, and free up your valuable human resources for innovation and high-value projects.

Data Hub, Data Lake, or Data Warehouse?

Choosing a modern data strategy is not an either-or proposition. Learn the difference between these common data management methodologies, and how the best solution for many organizations might be an approach that encompasses all three.

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