A Modern Data Stack Built for Regional Banks

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A Modern Data Stack, Built for Regional Banks

Centralized Data for optimal KYC

You can't truly gain a KYC picture with data locked in silos and spread throughout your organization. Data Rocket for Financial Services helps you migrate operational, core banking and 3rd party application data in a visible, well-governed way.

put data into the hands of business users

For data has to be used it has to be accessible and trusted. Data Rocket for Financial Services makes it easy for business users to access the data they need to make decisions with visual dashboards built for your needs and use cases.

pre-Built integrations with 1st and 3rd party data

We work with industry leading data solution providers to develop a streamlined roadmap for execution and utilization of 3rd party and 1st party data.

Ready to use dashboards Mastered Account Holder data and customer churn Prevention

Data Rocket is always in development, providing featured and dashboards developed alongside our banking partners.

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Data Rocket for Financial Services

Put data in the hands of business users and create a customer 360 picture, with a first use case in 30 days.

Invest in one platform that scales with growth.

Create Transformation champions within your organization. 

Eliminate the opportunity cost of legacy systems.

Future-ready technology enables proactive data strategy.

Client Testimonials

"To compete in today’s world, it takes a whole ecosystem of partners - there's not one bank that I know of that can do it all on their own. ​ With Passerelle's Data Rocket and Snowflake Marketplace solutions like Segmint and Equifax, we have created a modern infrastructure to improve our insights and create a better customer experience."
Peter Love
Chief Digital Officer, Berkshire Bank
"Camden National Bank navigated challenging economic waters by effectively using in-house and 3rd party data to identify the right retail and commercial opportunities to focus resources on, resulting in higher close rates and more satisfied clients."
Alicia Dambrie
Vice President and Business Intelligence Manager, Camden National Bank

Data to Action.

Passerelle connects data to decision-making. Our purpose-driven engineering creates value and drives insights. In addition to engineering, project management, and system integration services, Passerelle is the creator of Data Rocket™, an end-to-end acceleration architecture that modernizes data infrastructure and delivers critical business insights, securely and accessibly. Ready to learn more? Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation. 

Data to Action

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