Snowflake + Talend Integration

Passerelle has built a modern data stack on Snowflake and Talend, with prebuilt Snowflake dashboards, scalable governed data ingestion, trusted stewardship, cloud-based warehousing and on-demand visual analytics.

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Optimized Snowflake and Talend Architecture

Prebuilt 3rd Party Integrations

Realize immediate business value with prebuilt integrations include Equifax 3rd party data sets, Segmint enriched 1st party data and Flywheel's marketing automation engine that operates directly from your Snowflake Data Cloud.

Audit & Control Framework

Prebuilt Tableau or PowerBI dashboards provide targeted troubleshooting to idenitify and remedy suspect data at its source. Built-in data versioning provides data stewards the ability to go back in time to pinpoint data inaccuracies.

Data Quality Watch

Automated data profiling and anomaly detection. Data Quality Watch measures operational, inventory, or customer data for integrity, completeness, consistency, timeliness, and popularity – configured by data set for your specific needs.

Snowflake Optimization Dashboards

Ready to use dashboards monitor data ingestion into Snowflake, provide Snowflake query optimization, track database volumetric stats, and provide a clear overview of your Snowflake Security setup.

Passerelle’s Data Rocket™ is an acceleration architecture that modernizes data infrastructure and delivers critical business insights – securely and accessibly. Data Rocket puts industry-best data technology in the hands of businesses of any size, unlocking dynamic ingestion, data mastering and 3rd party data integration. 

Learn how clients in financial services, higher education and energy are using Data Rocket to fuel account growth, inform better customer service, and respond to changing market demands.

Client Testimonial

"To compete in today’s world, it takes a whole ecosystem of partners - there's not one bank that I know of that can do it all on their own. ​ With Passerelle’s Data Rocket, and Snowflake Marketplace solutions like Segmint and Equifax, we have created a modern infrastructure to improve our insights and create a better customer experience."
Peter Love
Chief Digital Officer, Berkshire Bank

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